Kougars News · Expectations for Return to Play!

Starting July 6th we are officially allowed to start participation for school sports!  The plan calls for a 3 phase return.  Phase 1 (July 6th-19th), Phase 2 (July 20th-Aug 14th) and then Phase 3 (August 15th).  One item to take note of is that the official start to the Fall season begins on August 3rd for all fall sports except girls golf which is July 31st.  July 31st all winter, and spring sports summer activities must be done.  During Phase 1 athletes are only allowed a total of 15 hours per week of activities and conditioning.  Athletes should focus on fall sports first and then use hours left over for winter and spring sports.  Athletes are only allowed to attend conditioning one time per day, but can attend multiple sports activities in a single day.  A reminder to everyone that summer activities are not mandatory but highly recommended in order to be prepared for the upcoming seasons.

Before July 6th all athletes and parents will need to go to https://kankakeevalley-in.finalforms.com/  and complete the online paperwork.  Also before competing on July 6th all athletes will need to have the following document https://www.ihsaa.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=1cetcgD92Ao%3d&portalid=0   filled out, signed and returned before they will be allowed to compete.  This form can also be downloaded in final forms.  All athletes should have a physical on file before July 6th.


High school athletes that had a physical last year do not need to get a new physical.  Any incoming freshman that had a physical filled out on an IHSAA physical form last year do not need to get a new physical.  Any athlete that did not receive a physical last year on an IHSAA physical form must get a new physical completed and turned in.  Physical forms and the 2020-21 HEALTH HISTORY UPDATE QUESTIONNAIRE And CONSENT & RELEASE CERTIFICATE can be turned in to the athletic office Monday thru Thursday from 8:00-12:00, or can be turned in to the corporation office Monday thru Thursday 8:00-3:00.  If an athlete waits till July 6th then they will need to show up early to make sure we have the proper paperwork and signatures in order for them to practice.

Upon arrival to the school each day, Coaches/athletes should park their cars where they are parking for the day and go/drop off at door #15 “Main Event Entrance”.  Practice social distancing and wait in line to get temperature checks done and pre-screening questions answered.  Athletes will need to use hand sanitizer before entering the building.  Any athlete with a temp greater than 100.3 will be sent home, and the parents will be notified and the proper protocol will be instructed to the parents.   Immediately after the screening athletes should report to their area for practice/conditioning.  Athletes must report first thing to get screening done before going to team area.  Attendance will be taken at the check-in screening.  Please show up early, rushing around causes temperature readings to fluctuate so the more time you give yourself the more accurate temperature readings will be.

Athletes will not have access to the locker rooms but will be allowed to use an assigned area to use the restroom.  Athletes should not wear sleeveless shirts, tank tops and need to keep properly clothed for the practice.  Athletes should have their own water bottles with names on them and filled with water/Gatorade and ice.  The school’s ice machines are off limits.  Athletes should bring a mask everyday to practice and should wear the mask only when social distancing is not possible.  Masks will not be worn during activities. (Signs of distress are often noticed in the face first and we need to be able to monitor our athletes).  At the end of practice athletes should get in cars and leave and not hang around school grounds.  Athletes should not be in the training room unless given instructions by the athletic trainer.

During phase 2 the scrimmages that were already set up with contracts with opponents will not allow for fans to watch.  Only during phase 3 will teams be allowed to compete and fans attend.  Each week as we go thru the different phases restrictions will be changed based on current trends with the virus.  Once phase 3 begins we will be about as close to normal as we can be but there could still be restrictions to attendance at events.  More information will continue to come as we get closer to the start of the fall season.

Things will be different as we come back, but if we work together this to shall pass!  Lets make sure we each do our part to ensure the safety of our community!  It will be exciting to see the kids back in action and hopefully this can be the start of successful seasons.  Go Kougars!