Multiple Teams · Boys Soccer Summer Workouts

The KV boys soccer summer workout list and schedule is now posted in the .pdf links below.  A comprehensive list of different conditioning exercises are provided for the month of June.  The workouts are split into 5 different categories: Strength Exercises, Plyometric Exercises, Speed Training, Distance Running, and Ball Work.  Each day is designed for specific workouts that work various physical fitness elements.  Ball work is listed every day since it is important that players touch a ball as much as possible.  Ball exercises are not listed on the summer workout list, however weekly ball skill/drills will be sent out via email.

Some of the exercises have pictures or diagrams listed to better understand how to complete them.  All of these exercises can also be found online for those needing a better visual.

Players can also add other exercises of their choosing and/or choose to mix and match different workouts on different days.  If there are certain days where players need extra rest, they can take extra time to recover if necessary.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please reach out to the boys soccer coaching staff.

KV Soccer Conditioning Workouts

KV Soccer June Conditioning Schedule