Multiple Teams · Kougars Stymie the Bearcats

The Kankakee Valley Boys Soccer team improve their record to 3-1 with a solid 2-0 victory over the Wheeler Bearcats. The Kougars recovered from a frustrating second half to take care of business in the second.

The Kougars scored a nice slotted ball from Robert Poppe to Cole Capps with 21 minutes remaining. Julian Colon would drop a beautiful volley laid off the head of Jose Corona to put the dagger in the Bearcats’s hearts with 54 seconds remaining.

The Kougars defense played extremely well to record the Kougars third shutout of the season. Great defensive display by keeper Noah Witkowski, and backs Eliseo Varela, Brayden Krsak, Kevin Gergely, Mark Nuttall, and the defensive mids Dalton Zacharias, Ramon Onteriveros, and Jon Lazorik.

Noah Witkowski 4 saves
Cole Capps 1 goal
Julian Colon 1 goal
Jose Corona 1 assist
Robert Poppe 1 assist