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Multiple Teams · KV Wrestlers win Two Conference Matches!

One trip to Lowell and Two Conference Wins!  The wrestling team made a statement at Lowell on Dec. 22nd.  Coming away with Conference wins over Andrean and Lowell!  The team will travel to Griffith on Dec. 31st and then will host the KV invite on Jan. 3rd!  

Kankakee Valley (KV) 37.00 Lowell (LOWL) 30.00
106: Shawn Hollis (LOWL) over Andrew Kirincic (KV) (Fall 1:07) 113: Andres Moreno (LOWL) over Dean Schmidt (KV) (SV-1 7-5) 120: Bryce Niewoehner (KV) over (LOWL) (For.) 126: Marcus Kidwell (KV) over (LOWL) (For.) 132: Andy Marich (KV) over Zac Galvan (LOWL) (Fall 3:51) 138: Colin Clark (KV) over Logan Wheeler (LOWL) (Dec 12-9) 145: Abel Verbeek (LOWL) over Denver Smith (KV) (Dec 6-3) 152: Justin Miner (LOWL) over Tyler Trottier (KV) (Fall 0:29) 160: Robert Miller (LOWL) over Luke Solomey (KV) (Dec 6-5) 170: Lucas Scott (LOWL) over Randy Sneed (KV) (Dec 5-1) 182: Logan Nowak (KV) over Kevin Hooley (LOWL) (MD 9-1) 195: Nick Schoonveld (KV) over Robert Fitzwater (LOWL) (Fall 5:19) 220: Max Steward (LOWL) over Nathan Holm-Hansen (KV) (Fall 1:55) 285: Aron Ceglarek (KV) over Noah Pitrowski (LOWL) (Fall 0:51)

You can find more details regarding this dual using the following link.



Kankakee Valley (KV) 70.00 Andrean (ANDR) 12.00
195: Nick Schoonveld (KV) over Brogan Houpt (ANDR) (Fall 3:17) 220: Bailey Scurlock (ANDR) over Nathan Holm-Hansen (KV) (Fall 0:57) 285: Aron Ceglarek (KV) over Joel Ordones (ANDR) (Fall 1:31) 106: Andrew Kirincic (KV) over (ANDR) (For.) 113: Dean Schmidt (KV) over Jakolie Hunter (ANDR) (Fall 1:34) 120: Bryce Niewoehner (KV) over (ANDR) (For.) 126: Marshall Lenski (ANDR) over Marcus Kidwell (KV) (Fall 3:32) 132: Andy Marich (KV) over Elijah Scurlock (ANDR) (TF 15-0 2:33) 138: Colin Clark (KV) over (ANDR) (For.) 145: Denver Smith (KV) over Robert Stanley (ANDR) (Fall 3:20) 152: Tyler Trottier (KV) over Adam Nieman (ANDR) (Fall 1:19) 160: Luke Solomey (KV) over Jose DeHoyos (ANDR) (Fall 3:02) 170: Randy Sneed (KV) over Ben Warren (ANDR) (TF 16-1 4:59) 182: Logan Nowak (KV) over Eric Sada (ANDR) (Fall 5:55)

You can find more details regarding this dual using the following link.