Multiple Teams · KV Winter Break: Boys & Girls Varsity & JV Basketball Tourney!

Over the break KV will host an all day basketball tournament at the high school and middle school gyms on Dec. 30th.  This tournament will feature the boys and girls varsity playing at the high school gym and the boys and girls JV playing at the middle school gym.  Ticket prices are $10.00 for an adult and $5.00 for a student.  This price will get you a wristband and allow access to all the games at the high school and middle school.  NO PASSES are allowed at these games, including senior citizen passes.  


Varsity Schedule

9:30 KV Girls Vs. Wheeler Girls

11:00 LaVille Girls Vs. Rensselaer Girls

12:30  KV Boys Vs. Boone Grove Boys

2:00  Rensselaer Boys Vs. Whitko Boys

3:30  Consolation Girls

5:00  Consolation Boys

6:30 Championship Boys

8:00 Championship Girls

JV Tournament @ Kankakee Valley MS

9:00 KV Boys JV vs. Boone Grove Boys JV

9:00  LaVille Girls JV vs. Rensselaer Girls JV

11:00  Rensselaer Boys JV vs. Whitko Boys JV

11:00 KV Girls JV vs. Wheeler Girls JV

1:30 Consolation Girls

1:30 Championship Girls

3:30 Consolation Boys

3:30 Championship Boys