Multiple Teams · Information on KV Wrestling Invite!

On Jan 3rd 2017 Kankakee Valley will host a six team wrestling invite!  Teams participating for the Invite will be:  KV, Hobart, Munster, Highland, Whiting, Wheeler.  The cost to get into the Invite will be $6.00 for adult and $5.00 for students.  Athletic passes and Senior Citizen passes will not be accepted on this date.  10:00 Am the matches will begin and will take place in both the high school main and auxiliary gyms.

Round 1

Mat 1 KV vs. Hobart

Mat 2 Munster vs Wheeler

Mat 3 Whiting vs Highland

Mat 4 JV 

Round 2 

Mat 1 KV vs. Munster

Mat 2 Hobart vs Highland

Mat 3 Whiting vs Wheeler

Mat 4 JV matches

Round 3

Mat 1 KV vs. Wheeler

Mat 2  Hobart Vs Whiting

Mat 3  Munster vs Highland

Mat 4 JV matches

Round 4 

Mat 1 KV vs Highland

Mat 2 Munster Vs Whiting

Mat 3  Wheeler vs Hobart

Mat 4 JV matches

Round 5 

Mat 1 KV vs Whiting

Mat 2 Hobart Vs Munster

Mat 3 Highland Vs Wheeler

Mat 4 JV Matches