Multiple Teams · Kankakee Valley High School Junior Varsity Football falls to Andrean High School 49-13

Saturday, October 1, 2016

10:00 AM

Kankakee Valley High School

Andrean High School

Game Recap

Andrean totals:
Reardon 6 carries for 32 yards 6/9 for 270 yards passing 1 rushing TD/4 passing TD/ 2pt conversion
Benton 1 carry 21 yards, 2 rec for 110 yards and 1 TD
VanEskran 1 rec for 78 yards 1 TD
Thurston 1 rec 42 yards 1TD
Mantel 1 rec 40 yard 1 TD
Merrill 6 carries 35yards rushing 4/7 for 44 yards passing 1TD
Tazic 4 rec 39 yards and 2 carries for 5 yards 1TD
Hamilton 1 rec 5 yards

Kankakee Valley totals:

Anderson 1/4 for 32 yards passing 9 carries for 20 yards rushing 2 TD( 8 ret for 189 yds)
McKinstry 2/4 for 9 yards passing and 2 carries for 6 yards 1INT
Gronkiewicz 20 carries for 97 yards rushing
Dezelich 2 rec for 44 yards and 1/2 on PAT 4 punts for 29 yard avg
Wright 1 rec for -3 yards

Box Scores

Kankakee Valley





Game Summary


After a Dezelich 39 yard punt and no return. Andrean QB Reardon hits WR Thurston 42 yard catch and run for a touchdown with 2:37 on the clock in the first quarter, 2pt conversion failed. KV 0 – Andrean 6


DE Reynolds tackled Andrean RB Benton for a -5 yard loss. The ensuing play has Andrean QB Reardon hitting a streaking Benton for a 60 yard toss and scamper. in the begining of the second quarter, , 2 pt conversion is good giving the 59ers a 14-0 lead with 9:48 on the time clock.

Shortly after a miscue by the Kougar offense shows Andreran QB Reardon takes one up the middle 23 yards for the touchdown followed by PAT by Wadas giving Andrean a 21- 0 lead with 8:19 on the clock.

Kougars mustarded up a lenghly drive that came to a halt after a fumble on Andrean 22 yard line. It didnt take long for the 59ers to strike . Following the change of possesion QB Reardon connects with WR VanEskeran in stride with what had to be a perfect pass for a 78 yard TD pass PAT by Wadas is good. Andrean 28 – KV 0 late in the 2nd quarter time 4:08.

After an untimely slip on the moisture riden field Andrean takes advantage of a fallen defender and with just :13 seconds left in the third quarter QB Reardon finds a wide open WR Mantel scoring a 40 yard catch and run, PAT good by Wadas giving a commanding 35 – 0 lead at halftime.


In the next possesion, Andrean brings in a new quarterback that sees the same results. With 6:14 on the clock Andrean QB Merrill scambles on a broken play 32 yards adding to the lead Andrean 42 – KV 0. PAT was good by K Wadas.

After a few exchanges of possesions Andrean would strike again this time with only :32 seconds in the 3rd quarter sees WR Tazic take a jet sweep 2 yards for what would be Andrean's final score of the night, PAT good by Wadas. Andrean 49 – KV 0.


A struggling and shell shocked Kougars would not give up though. With Pride in hand and QB Anderson at the helm, KV would march down the field on a 13 play drive ending on a 9 yard touchdown, with 3:45 left in the 4th quarter, by none other then himself QB Anderson. PAT good by Dezelich KV 7 – Andrean 49.

Dezelich pins the 59ers deep in their terriority on the ensuing kickoff. Andrean starting their drive on their own 3 yard line. Kougars Defense stood tall especially DE Reynolds who would almost single handedly held the 59ers to only a 3 yard gain in three plays.. Punting from their endzone a host of Kougars would rush the punter hoping to get a small piece of the ball, KV would start with great field position on Andrean's 35 yard line. Only 1:27 left on the clock , RB Gronkiewicz scrambles five yards making it 2nd and 5. QB Anderson tries a hitch pass only to throw an incomplete pass to FR WR Colton Wright. 3rd and 5 :20 seconds on the clock Kougars clawing to score again Anderson sets up for a pass to WR Fitzpatrick but is forced to run to the sidelines and be tackled out of bounds for a -5 yard loss. :17 seconds 4th and 10 from the 35 yard line Anderson draws back and fines TE Dezelich for a 32 yard completion. Time out is called 9 seconds on the clock 1st and goal snap is fumbled recovered by RB Gronkiewicz an a quick time out called. Suspense building, :05 seconds left in the fourth quarter, QB Anderson would take a 2 yard plunge on a QB sneek over the right side of the line scoring with time running out, PAT was a muffed snap and unsuccessful giving the fighting Kougars six points. Game ends Andrean 49 – KV 13