Girls Middle School Track, Girls Varsity Track · Girls’ Track and Field: Please Read, Important Information For This week

Meets this week: relays: especially the 4×1, we will get in lots of exchanges this week; Tuesday at home vs. Munster /Andrean, please be dressed and ready by 4:00, or earlier if need be; all jumpers make sure you have your steps measured, and long jumpers, get steps measured to south pit, in case we switch the direction due to wind, relays make sure you match, and if wearing leggings, tops, etc. under uniforms, , etc, have those be black; Brown in both hurdles, Nannenga and Griffey in the 100, Fox and Strong in the 200, and Erin, Pumnea or Strong in the 400, on Tuesday, you will run in Heat 2, you 1’s and 2’s are in Heat 1 obviously for the laned events, (sprints/hurdles), still a varsity heat; and for all meets, PLEASE DRESS WARM, at least have sweats, etc. with you, despite the much nicer forecast; Thursday-at Hanover, field events and 4×800 on bus 1 at 3:15ish, rest of you to follow at 3:30ish; line-up at Hanover is basically the same with these possible changes: Jungels runs the 200 instead of the 300’s; Colon runs the 800, not the 400 or 200; Cavinder runs the 400, not the 800; Homrich runs the 400 and 800; everyone who is healthy runs Tuesday and Thursday;  Sat. at Hobart-bus leaves at 7:30 am, I’ll be discussing your potential involvement on Saturday with you early in the week, have already done so with several of you, short version, plan on competing because I’m going to try to run as many of you as is realistic, although it will not be the entire team like Tuesday and Th are, closer to 1/2 of the team for the Hobart Little 5; COMPETE every chance you get, do your best, and focus on the event you are doing at that time-“the race is in your lane.” Thank you, any questions? please see Coach Lewallen.