Multiple Teams · KV Boys’ Basketball Camp Has Great Turnout

The Kankakee Valley Boys’ Basketball Program finished their basketball camp this past week. The camp had a great turnout with 137 kids from kindergarten to eighth grade participating. This year’s camp theme was Teammates Matter. Throughout the week, campers discussed different things that it took to be a teammate that positively influences others. The campers were taught that good teammates are humble, selfless, encouraging, honest, they listen to others, and they desire to improve. The future Kougars were also taught fundamental basketball skills including pivoting, passing and catching, shooting, defensive technique, and ball handling.


Session one included students in kindergarten to third grade. Those participating students were Aiden Everett, Ashton Parks, Austin Ramus, Ben Swart, Brady Sampson, Brannon Murr, Braylon Hamstra, Brock Mackey, Brock Maple, Brodie Ellenwood, Bryce Gericke, Bryce Nannega, Caden Nabors, Caleb Wiers, Camren Fink, Carson Armstrong, Carter Hill, Christopher Lee, Colin Williams, Declan Murr, Dominick Raymond, Donny Stam, Edward Richie, Eli Deardorff, Elijah Forrest, Elliot Patton, Evan Korba, Gabe Kistler, Gabe Rottier, Gavin Wright, Gavin Wright, Grant Gargano, Hunter Long, Isaac Deardorff, Isaiah Ahrendt, Jack Myers, Jackson Arndt, Jacob Chapman, Jakob VanBlaircom, Jason Parker, Jayse Huxford, Jeremy VanBlaircom, Jonathan Sams, Joseph Palmer, Justin Nabors, Kyle Bayci, Kyle Chapman, Kyle Kingma, Landon Thompson, Linkoln Oliver, Logan Nomanson, Logan Thoreson, Lucas Parker, Luke Bayci, Marco Castro, Mason Kitchen, Mason Martin, Matthew Hemphill, Matthew Hoffman, Max Lyskava, Michael Gallo, Myles Gericke, Myles Kitchen, Nathan Thomas, Nolan Schultz, Owen Lubotina, Preston Kritlow, Rocco Raymond, Shane Cobb, Silas Fox, Thomas Ketchem, Tim Stidham, Trevor Arndt, Tristin Wireman, Triston Gallagher, Will Chestnut, Zachary Patton, and Zackary Mikash.

Session 1

Session two participants were students in fourth and fifth grade. Those were Aaron Rhoades, Abe Veldman, Arthur Walstra, Brad Korba, Brayden Bunce, Caleb Deardorff, Camden Webster, Chase Armstrong, Colder Feit, ColtonPribyl, Drew Andree, Dylan Holmes, Eliot Cates, Evan Wikick, Hayden McIntosh, Jacob Ford, Jarrod Benkovich, Jeremiah Jones, Jeremy Patino, Jonathan Guthrie, Jonathan Santamara, Joshua de Jong, Justin Hoffman, Kent Hamstra, Kurt Kros, Kyan Risner, Logan Raymond, Louden Fugett, Luke Andree, Nickolas Mikash, Nolan Cacich, Pat Wease, Rob Koontz, Teddy Georgopoulos, Troy Sigler, Vincent Slaughter, Will Sampson, and Zach Curtis.

Session 2

Session three consisted of students from the middle school in sixth through eighth grade. Those students were Alden Cates, Austin Garrison, Bryce Brodner, Cole Cavinder, Elijah Carden, Grant Marshall, Hayden DeYoung, Hayden Myers, Hunter Rose, Jacob Stilley, Jeremy Linton, Jeremy Ryan, Jordan Mikels, Logan Fugett, Logan Manns, Mark Wireman, Mason Fagenbaum, Max Gutwein, Maxwell Hunter, Nicholas Misner, Reuben Oseguera, Tyler Bakker, and Tyler Martin.

Session 3

The KV Boys’ Basketball Program would like to thank Kal-Bros Farms for their sponsorship of this year’s camp.