Multiple Teams · KV Boys Basketball Tournament Schedule for the Holidays

During Christmas break the boys basketball team will be hard at work competing in two different Holiday Tournaments.  December 27th the boys  will travel to Benton Central to play in their Tournament.  Cost is $6.00 for all three sessions, or $5.00 for JV & evening session.

Dec. 27th (All times are CST or KVTime)


10:00 North White Vs. Benton Central

11:30 Kankakee Valley Vs. Tri-County


1:15 KV vs. Tri-County (Atha Gymnasium)   North White vs. Benton Central (Arena Gymnasium)

3:00 North White vs. KV (Atha Gymnasium)  Benton Central vs. Tri-County


5:00 North White vs. Kankakee Valley

6:30 Benton Central vs. Tri-County

Then on December 30th & Jan. 3rd the boys will head to the Caston Tournament.  Cost for the tournament will be $6.00 per session, $36.00 for a family pass for all games.



1:00 Central Noble vs. Kankakee Valley :  When KV wins they will play 1/3/15 at 12:00 in Caston Elementary Gym, and if they would happen to lose they would play 1/3/15 at 10:30 in Caston Elementary.  Times will vary depending on winning and losing from that point on.


2:45 Central Noble vs. Kankakee Valley @ Caston Elementary:  When KV wins they will play 1/3/15 at 9:00 @ Caston Elementary.  If KV Junior Varsity loses first round they are out of the Tournament