Multiple Teams · Kougar Camp a Success

The Kankakee Valley Boys’ Basketball Program held its annual youth camp June 2-6. Over 120 campers from K-8 took part in the camp. The theme of this year’s camp was “Get Better Every Day by Doing Things Better Than Ever Before.” Campers were challenged to leave the gym everyday knowing they improved at something. This was emphasized not only for the game of basketball but for life. If each individual can improve at one thing daily they are setting themselves up to be extremely successful down the road. 

Campers participating in session one (K-3) were the following:  Aaron Rhoades, Aaron Stidham, Alex Edwards, Arthur Walstra, Austin Ramus, Ben Swart, Brad Korba, Braden VanderMeer, Brady Sampson, Brayden Bunce, Brodie Ellenwood, Bryant DeBoard, Bryce Nash, Cade Hildebrandt,, Caden Nabors, Caleb Deardoff, Caleb Wiers, Camden Webster, Chase Armstrong, Cody Hass, Coen Murray, Colin Williams, Dalton Caldwell, Donny Stam, Eli Deardorff, Elijah Forrest, Elliott Patton, Ethan Kelly, Gabe Kistler, Gabe Rottier, Gavin King, Hayden Dase, Isaac Deardorff, Jacob Ford, Jacob Gutierrez, Jake Hamstra, Jakob VanBlaircom, Jason Parker, Jayse Huxford, Jeremy VanBlaircom, Jimmy DeJesus, Jonathan Sams, Joseph Palmer, Joshua de Jong, Justin Hasara, Justin Nabors, Kristian Buckland, Kurt Kros, Kyle Bayci, Kyle Kingma, Logan Parks, Logan Raymond, Louden Fugett, Lukas Searer, Luke Bayci, Luke Bristol, Luke Lukasik, Marco Castro, Mason Kitchen, Matt Hoffman, Michael Gallo, Nathan Sutton, Nolan Cacich, Nolen Kooistra, Rob Koontz, Rocco Raymond, Seth Grundell, Tate Hildebrandt, Timothy Stidham, Troy Sigler, ,William Chestnut, Zachary Patton, and Zackary Mikash.

Session 1, K-3

Campers participating in session two (4-5) were the following: Abe Veldman, Alden Cates, Arturo DeJesus, Benjamin Johnson, Bryce Brodner, Cameron Hasara, Colton Pribyl, Devin Hoffman, Drew Andree, Elijah Carden, Eliot Cates, Hayden DeYoung, Hayden McIntosh, Hayden Myers, Jacob Stilley, Jeremy Ryan, Johnny Voris, Jonathan Santamaria, Justin Hoffman, Kent Hamstra, Logan Fugett, Logan Manns, Luke Andree, Mark Wireman, Nick Misner, Nickolas Mikash, Reuben Oseguera, Ryne Strauch, Tyler Bakker, Tyler Fase, and Will Sampson.

Session 2, 4-5

Campers participating in session 3 (6-8) were the following: Brandon Orquiola, Cade Walstra, Cole Cavinder, Ethan Hennin, Gage Stevens, Hunter Rose, Jack McMahon, Jaxon Grace, John Knight, Jordan Mikels, Logan Bolton, Luke Zylstra, Matthew Olson, Max Gutwein, Nathan Prater, Nick Walstra, Nolan McKim, Reece Wangen, Steven Olson, Trevor Helton, and Wyatt Woudema.

Session 3, 6-8

The camp was led and directed by boys’ coach Nate VanDuyne. Camp counselors who volunteered their time teaching and demonstrating were Dylan Caldwell, Matt Kralik, Chase Sizemore, Chad Hill, Logan Abbring, Danny Rockley, Darrick Webster, and Trenton Walstra. The boys’ basketball program would like to thank DeMotte Decorative Stone for sponsoring the camp this year.